“Whatever the occasion, Frank and Judy have always taken portraits with a great understanding of the subject and the occasion.  As a lifelong “subject”, I remember such a sense of warmth as I took my first portraits with my sister while we were still in school.  As a bride, they shared in my excitement,  and helped to put me at ease; they made the experience romantic and joyful but unfrenzied.   They also know how to show off many yards of silk brocade to it’s fullest advantage!

Frank and Judy have taken several  professional portraits of  me as an opera singer.  Among the most memorable is a full length shot that I still use, and that still gets compliments on a regular basis.  Not only did they take a big gown and show it off beautifully, they managed to do it while making sure I wasn’t lost in the costume.  The portrait is truly of the singer and not of the dress.  It’s one of my very  favorite pictures.

We  recently had our first baby, and Frank and Judy were there for our formal portraits as a “threesome”.  The baby liked them immediately. Showing the same sense of fun and professionalism, we had a splendid time, and ended up with excellent shots.   I still smile thinking of the same photographers once arranging my diva dress “just so”– now with silly puppets on their hands  encouraging the baby and all of us to make the most of our portrait time.

I have had the good fortune to work with Frank and Judy for nearly twenty years.  As uniquely gifted artists, they have  captured the most important moments of my life with grace and style.  As good-natured and approachable  friends, they have made every portrait sitting an exciting, memorable and fun experience.  I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Anna Upston,
Mother and Mezzo-Soprano
New York City, NY.